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The TAIM WESER group will be responsible for the design, manufacturing, supply and start up of the conveyor belt system and stockyard machinery for the new Porto Sudeste Port Terminal to be built in Itagua (Brazil) by LLX, a logistics company belonging to the EBX group.

The TAIM WESER group has been chosen by LLX, the logistics company of the EBX group, to design, manufacture, supply and implement transport systems and iron ore stockyard machinery for the new project of the Brazilian group, the port known as the “Superporto Sudeste”, a modern port terminal in the Sepetiba Bay, located in the city of Itagua, some 80 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro.

The new terminal will be for private and mixed-use and will serve primarily to export the iron ore mined by MMX, the mining company of the EBX group, in Minas Gerais, a state neighboring Rio de Janeiro. The new port is located only 2 km from the MRS railway network, thus facilitating a direct connection for the reception of iron ore, from both MMX as well as from other producers operating in different areas of what is known as the “Iron Quadrilateral” region of Minas Gerais, who are currently not able to export the mineral due to the lack of logistics facilities.

Porto Sudeste will occupy an area of 52 hectares and will have a storage capacity of 2.5 million tons of minerals. At the outset, the terminal will be able to move 50 million tons of minerals a year, with the possibility of reaching 100 million tons per year in the future. The Porto Sudeste project has a budget of 1.8 billion reals (811 million euros) and is scheduled to enter into operation in 2012.

Given its critical importance for the mining, port and raw material export sectors, Brazil represents a strategic market in which the TAIM WESER group is rapidly expanding. The award of this project is further confirmation of the company’s importance and strong presence in the South American markets and specifically in Brazil, where its subsidiary, TAIM CADE DO BRASIL, has been operating in Curitiba since 2006.

Equipment to be supplied by TAIM WESER

The TAIM WESER group will be supplying all the equipment needed for transport operations, storage and the loading of iron ore at the port stockyard. The equipment consists of a complete conveyor belt system and four combined stacker/reclaimer machines to be installed in the two new iron ore storage yards.

The transport system to be supplied by the TAIM WESER group through its subsidiary, TAIM CADE DO BRASIL, is comprised of a complete belt transport circuit for iron ore, from reception up to its loading onto ships, including all the conveyors for the two storage stockyards. The total length of the belt circuit is approximately 13,000 m. The conveyors have a capacity of 12,000 t/h, a belt width of 1,600 and 1,800 mm and speeds of 4.5 and 4.8 m/s. It is also important to mention that the transport system will come equipped with all the auxiliary equipment, including transfer towers, silos, bypass chutes, monitoring equipment, magnetic separators, weighing systems, etc.

The four stacker-reclaimers will be responsible for the storage and stacking of iron ore into the stockyard. The machines have a stacking capacity of 10,000 t/h and a reclaim capacity of 12,000 t/h. Each machine is supplied with its own rail track. Some of the outstanding features of the machinery include the length of the boom, which is 60 m long, and the 12 m span between rails.


TAIM WESER is a Spanish group operating on a worldwide scale, specializing in high-technology turnkey projects. With factories in 60 countries and over one hundred years of experience, TAIM WESER provides solutions oriented towards streamlining industrial processes in a sustainable, environmentally friendly approach in the following sectors: bulk materials handling, lifting, waste treatment and renewable energy.

The company’s corporate headquarters are located in Zaragoza (Spain), where the facilities occupy a surface area of 64,000 m2, 23,500 of which are covered and assigned to production processes. In Germany, the group has a head office in Bad Oeynhausen and a branch office in Saarlouis and in Brazil, a plant in Curitiba.

Thanks to its proprietary technology and patents, the TAIM WESER group has become an international reference, present in all leading world markets, where it is noted for its excellent management resources. TAIM WESER is committed to innovation and technology; to people, total quality and competitiveness. These values, along with the extensive experience acquired, afford the company a perfect understanding of the sectors in which it operates, preparing it to meet all of its customers’ needs.

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