S+S Separation at K 2007

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New addition to the S+S magnet family:

SAFEMAG pipe magnet for applications in the plastics industry will be presented at the

K 2007 trade fair

Schönberg, September 2007

At the K 2007 plastics trade fair, hall 10, stand E60, S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH will launch a new member of the magnet family, the SAFEMAG. The SAFEMAG system has been developed in close cooperation with customers from the plastics industry. The requirement is for an especially narrow but sturdy design that takes into consideration the limited available space in the direct vicinity of processing machines. With a mounting height of only 60 mm, SAFEMAG is the slimmest pipe magnet available on the market today. The compact alu-block design allows the installation of conveyor, mixing, and dosing units directly over the magnet.

The SAFEMAG magnet system can be used as a stand-alone system for the pre-separation of ferromagnetic particles, or as an efficient add-on for the PROTECTOR metal separator where high levels of ferrous contamination are present. S+S required less than six months for the complete development, prototyping, and product testing in our technical centre.

SAFEMAG magnet systems are intended for examining different granulates in standing or slow-moving material columns. The three magnet rods in Neodymium design have a magnetic force of 7000 Gauss at the surface. Pipe magnets offer outstanding ease of installation, handling, and cleaning. They make an important contribution to the protection of plastics processing machinery, prevent costly down-times, and to the maintenance of process continuity. Cost effective pricing means that systems costs are amortised in no time at all.

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Photo 1:

With its small mounting height of only 60 mm, the SAFEMAG pipe magnet can be installed where space is at a premium. (Photo: S+S)


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S+S Separation At K 2007 (Continued)

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SAFEMAG pipe magnets are available in three different versions with outlet diameters of 40 mm, 50 mm and 60 mm. The delivery time is kept to 2 – 3 weeks, since partly finished product components are available from stock.

S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH of Schönberg, Bavaria manufactures machines and systems for the detection and sorting of contaminants to suit a wide range of applications and industries. Product sales are primarily in the plastics, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, wood, textile and recycling industries. S+S is one of the world’s leading suppliers with subsidiaries in England, the USA, France, China, India and Singapore, as well as partner compa-nies and distributors in over 40 countries worldwide. The main factory in Schönberg employs over 190 people and 2006 turnover exceeded 20 million Euros.

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Photo 2:

The SAFEMAG pipe magnet is an ideal as an optional add-on for the PROTECTOR metal separator. (Photo: S+S)


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