Split Value Weighing Integrator

Posted in: , on 15. May. 2007 - 12:50

Lodestone Electronics Ltd., have developed a new and possibly unique Split Value Integration (SVI) system. The system was designed to be used for the addition of (SMR) lime to aggregates on a continuous mix basis.

The objective was to measure the combined weight of the aggregate and the SMR and split the two values. The SMR dose rate is entered into the system in percentage terms of the overall feed rate and the system then calculates the individual Aggregate and SMR values and displays these in accumulated tonnes.

A switch input is provided into the electronics that tells the system when the lime is flowing. The system can also be used to control the flow rate of the lime in proportion to the aggregate flow. The LodeMaster SVI also provides a print-out which provides a unique batch number, time, date, total lime and total aggregate value. A number of these systems have been commissioned successfully over the past 6 months.

Jon Scarrott

Lodestone Electronics Ltd


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