Silver Black PE Mulch film for agricultural cover

Posted in: , on 19. Jan. 2021 - 10:37

Silver Black PE mulch film are a kind of PE plastic film for agricultural usage. With anti UV treated,life span 1-3 years.

Materials: LDP+LLDPE+Anti UV.

Thickness: 12micron to 30micron.

Width: 600mm to 2000mm.

We are offering you silver black mulch film for agricultural usage.The mulch film Manufacturing Process are made by LDPE resin,

and one side black colors,othe side metallized with reflective.

The thickness: 15micron to 80micron

The maximum Width:6000meters.

Mulch film can reduce the vector of virus diseases such as Afid,Thrips and other Pest.As a weed control,save the costs of weeding.

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