Round separators for food , pharmacy , chemical , metallurgy , cement industry

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Our company possesses a lot of national patents by adopting advanced productive technology and welding technique from Italy and improving them . Its vibration sifters have many advantages of reliable steadiness,simple operation,convenient repair,low noise,minor consumption , abundant productivity , high accuracy , smooth net holes and tight seal . This small removable machine can not only pour materials out automatically but also work continually .It can sift dry or dry materials of food , pharmacy , chemical , metallurgy , building , cement , glass , china ,and paper-making industry .They are expored to the U.S.A. Ganada,France,Italy,South Korea,Japan,Australia,Malaysia,India , Tailand and Iran and have wide-spread praises .

Our§æ400mm¡ª§æ2500mm -typed series sifters made of quality stainless steal can be installed four layers of sifters at most . Their electromotor can vibrate steadily and produce great vibration strength . The flexible net frames are easy to stretch completely and replace in a very short time so that their efficiency is raised greatly . Therefore , we have gained the latest national patent of 2005 , No. 200520032559.9 because of their advantages of quick replacement , light weight and flexibility . At present , we are applying for European Patent IPC . Of these types the molded §æ400mm-§æ1000mm series vibration bodies with trays have amounted to world standard in quality for their long life-span and high filtrationefficiency . So they can meet the needs of different industries .

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