Rhino Truck Washing System

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The most popular wheel washing and truck washing system in Europe is the Rhino Wheelwash System, by the Wheelwash Group. In a short period of two years, the Rhino Wheelwash System has become the dominant system, favored by quarries, C &D sites, coal-fired plants, landfills, solid waste sites, new housing sites and other contaminating sites throughout the U.K. The Rhino system is compact, portable, easy to maintain and can be erected in as little as a few hours.

Introduced by Wheelwash Division, Global Equipment Mktg. Inc., into North America only 6 months ago, it has generated considerable interest from environmentally conscience operators and principals of businesses requiring wheel washing systems. As a result of the number of inquiries, the Rhino system is now produced in the U.S. This major development offers the end-user benefits, not previously available when the system came from the U.K.

Most important are:

1. Better pricing, as a result of not having to import and incur customs duties and ocean transport expenses.

2. Quicker production time and delivery.

3. Assured quality from an ISO 9002 Certified fabricator.

Due to increasingly tougher regulations in North America by environmental agencies, vehicles are required to have wheels and tires free of mud, dirt and other contaminants before leaving a site. Failure to follow the governmental guidelines can result in fines, sanctions and neighborhood complaints. As a result, wheel washing systems are fast becoming a necessity.

The portable Wheelwash Rhino System is suitable for short term or temporary projects. No excavation necessary – only a concrete/asphalt pad or crushed stone base. Water recycling is included, with the settlement tank/weir system - recycling 90% of the water. The Rhino System is compact, heavy duty construction and has low maintenance. The system is modular and easily assembled on-site, arriving in two (2) halves, then bolted together and lowered into position. After connection to the power source it is ready to

use. All that is necessary to start operations after set-up is access to water and electric. Cleaning is accomplished with a multitude of high-pressure jets with extensive spray patterns to cover all surfaces of tires, wheels and undercarriage, utilizing a horizontal centrifugal pump in cast iron housing fitted with cast iron impeller, single mechanical seal and coupled with a 22 Kw (30 Hp) 2900 RPM, TEFC electric motor.

Operation consists of vehicles being driven through the system without drivers leaving the cab. As vehicle approaches the Rhino System, an inductive loop sensor activates the high pressure spray system, whereupon, the vehicle is driven over patented angle grid system, causing treads to spread and vibration to knock-off mud and debris. Upon exiting, vehicles are driven over another angled grid system causing excess water to be shaken off. Wash time normally lasts from 15 to 45 seconds, depending on severity of vehicle condition, but can be regulated up to three (3) minutes by changing the settings at the electronic control panel, housed in the heated/lighted pump house.

Installation above ground is on a crushed stone base or concrete/asphalt pad, or as a permanent installation in-ground, requiring a two-foot excavation, filled with a crushed stone base or concrete form.

For further information, contact:

Marshall L. Gralnick, President

Wheelwash Division

Global Equipment Mktg. Inc.,

P.O. Box 810607

Boca Raton, FL 33481-0607

Telephone: (561) 750-8662

Facsimile: (561) 750-9507



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