Retsch Technology at Ceramitec 2003

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Measuring Particles More Precisely and More Efficiently

Diffraction of White Light for the Hard Work of everyday processing,

the CRYSTALSIZER® particle size measuring device from Retsch Technology has an intelligent software for continually checking the specific device settings while, at the same time, making any necessary adjustments. What is especially important, is the ability to automatically recognise and compensate for any sample contamination. This improves both the reproducibility of results and measuring reliability for the grain size analysis of dry powders and granules in the size range of 0.7 µm and 2 500 µm. It is also possible to extend service intervals, thus having a verifiably positive effect on the efficiency of particle analyses. In conclusion therefore, in addition to its high degree of robustness, the CRYSTALSIZER® also guarantees optimum sensitivity for precision particle size measurements.

Autosampler for the Analysis of Dry Bulk Goods

Because of this particle measuring device's robustness and the fact that it can be used in 3-shift operation without any difficulty, the latest step was the development of an autosampling system for the CRYSTALSIZER®. CERAMITEC 2003 trade fair offers the ideal forum for an intensive exchange of ideas with potential users in automated analysis.

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