Retrofitting Dust Collectors

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Dust collectors: Retrofitting with high-efficiency cartridge and bag filters

The efficiency and economy of a dust collector depends decisively on the choice of the filter media from which the cartridge or bag filters are made. As a manufacturer of complete duct collection systems offering a broad spectrum of filter media, the business unit “Industrial Filtration Solutions” of Donaldson fulfils all conditions to provide a filter medium chosen exactly to meet the requirements of the user and the properties of the dust.

Donaldson now offers this know-how to users with dust collectors from other manufacturers. The filter elements are manufactured in the specific dimensions according to Donaldson quality criteria and using Donaldson filter media.

With this offer, the users of a dust collector can achieve clear technical and economic advantages. The range of products encompasses high-performance filter media for the most diverse fields of application – from foundries through metalworking to the food industry. Suitable filter media are also available for the specific requirements and ambient conditions in for example, waste treatment plants, and for glutinous and abrasive dust.

The opening of sales of filter media not only Donaldson units is particularly interesting from an economic point of view because Donaldson thereby makes the use of Dura-Life technology possible in competitor units. With this new filter generation, two to three times the bag life can be achieved in comparison with conventional media. A much longer quantity of dirt particles are separated by the fine-pored surface of the Dura-Life filter media. The result: Cleaning can be conducted with less pressure and less mechanical force and fewer particles accumulate inside the medium, where they are difficult to remove during cleaning and increase the differential pressure. In this way, the cost of replacing filters is reduced and the frequently time-consuming maintenance to replace filter elements is only necessary at much longer intervals.

The savings in filter bag prices and labour as well as energy-savings when standard polyester bags in comparison to Dura-Life filter bags can be quickly and easily calculated at

The proven and patented Ultra-Web® filter media is also available for retrofitting in dust collectors. The filter fabric consists of nanofibres produced by an electrospinning process. This produces very fine, continuous fibres with diameters of just 0.2 to 0.3 micron.

These nanofibres are the smallest synthetic fibres used in filtration today. Apart from the high efficiency, this makes it possible to increase the filter life and efficiency of the filters, as the dust particles are trapped on the surface of the material and the substrate material remains clean.

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