Precismeca`s PSV Design

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As most are now aware...

Precismeca Limited is introducing the latest in design evolution for the Cema C - five and six inch rolls.

The PSV design is just that… Evolution.

After many years of success with the original Precismeca standard design, we have now further improved our already impressive quality sealing system. The hermetic sealing system used in the new PSV design stands alone. It not only provides additional protection to the bearings, but provides an even higher degree of effectiveness and longevity in the presence of severe pollutants.

Testing of the PSV design has been successfully completed in a wide variety of environments, and it is now in use in many conveyors overseas and in North America. The design and method of assembly provides lower concentricity during rotation, causing less vibration and lower starting and rotation resistance.

We are very excited to be offering the newest in roll design, as it continues to provide us with a quality item, but at a more competitive price. It is not often in today’s economy that we can see any price reductions, however, in this case we can. Another major benefit of the PSV is the shaft ends; they are manufactured with both slots and flats. This feature, when used with adaptors, allows for the PSV roll to be dropped into a wide variety of competitive frames. Essentially, we are now offering an Unsurpassed Sealing System / Continued Long Life / Compatibility to Competitors Frames / Economical Price.

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