Powder Coated Rollers by MELCO

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Believed to be a South African first, Melco recently powder coated 10,000 conveyor idler rollers for a plant located on the east coast of South America. The client is in the process of installing conveyors for handling coke and sulphur at a petrochemical and petroleum complex. The local climate is humid and there is a high risk of acid corrosion caused by condensation.

Melco, in consultation with the end-user and the engineering contractor, sub-contracted a specialist South African company to apply a 250 micron powder coat to the rollers and to develop a suitable treatment to protect the shafts. This is believed to be the first time that rollers have been powdered coated to this specification in South Africa. The contract was awarded at the beginning of March and full delivery is scheduled for end of May 2003.

Over ten thousand rollers have been supplied. The coke carrying conveyor bases have been galvanized and the sulphur

carrying bases painted according to the client’s ‘three coat’ specification. As part of the contract every roller has

been individually identified and labelled with the client’s tag numbers and conveyor details for installation on site. Special care had to be taken during assembly not to damage the powder coating and special packaging was developed to prevent damage in transit.

In handling major projects, Melco follows a formal standard procedure and this contract was no different. Representatives from Melco met in the USA with the representatives from the project company and the end-user to ensure that every aspect of the project was clearly understood. Melco’s formal contract review process, complying with ISO 9001, was followed and the design process was optimised through the use of a sophisticated CAD package. To meet the tight delivery deadline, containers were packed around the clock.

In the past few years Melco has embarked on a drive to increase its export market and as a result benefits have

accrued to local and international clients. Manufacturing peaks and valleys, which were the result of variations in local demand, have been smoothed out. Exposure to other markets and their requirements has broadened the company’s technical expertise and quality standards as Melco has to comply with international specifications and end-user requirements. Finally, the export endeavour is backed by a technical service and support infrastructure that is available to the local market too.

Melco is regarded a world player in the manufacture of conveyor idlers, modules and related equipment. The company is listed to ISO 9001 and operates a standard procedure so that all products are designed, manufactured and

assembled to strict quality standards. This ensures that the finished product is in accordance with relevant


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