Portable shiploader environmentally friendly

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Forum Friends,

We are pleased to present the newest generation of Portable Shiploaders, that are not only High Capacity, but friendly to the environment. Boasting capacities to 6000tph, servicing up to Cape Size Vessels, and designed to prevent dust entering atmosphere and material entering the water.

Matched to dust free chutes and product placement spoons.

Voila....your Shiploading headaches are gone!!!

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Please feel free to contact us with your questions and applications, we are at your service.

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Al Goodmundson


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Portable Ship Loader

Posted on 8. Mar. 2016 - 06:32

Definitely, an innovative design,specially taking consideration of pollution. Such a high capacity can be achieved only when there is high speed stacker is feeding the ship loader and the material BD is more then 2.3 t/m3.

Anil Seth


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Generation Gap

Posted on 12. Mar. 2016 - 12:00

There are explanations required.

Cape Size vessels will have multiple ranks of hatch openings across a beam of >35m. How does this little machine feed the outer openings?

Dust limitation is claimed although the picture shows a considerable drop through free air and shore winds. Cascade chutes or similar are essential, not optional.

A geared vessel, smaller than Handymax, is shown. Surely hold coverage could be accomplished if the conveying pipe was suspended from the ships crane, which crane could then support a cascade chute.

Any dust containment chute to pass 6000th-1 will be quite heavy: heavier than the machine shown, how is such a dust chute counterbalanced?

What is the access for belt splicing and repair? Dockside equipment only fails in service, obviously. What inspection access is available during downtime?

Could a Cape Size vessel berth against a quay which does not already support down-luffing equipment?

There is a need for light duty shiploaders but this machine needs a lot more elaboration of the claims for loading rate and vessel capacity .

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