PEBCO® Mass Flow Feeders

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PEBCO® Mass Flow Feeders at Cook Coal Terminal

Coal Stockyard Application

In the mid 1990s, the Cook Coal Terminal of Metropolis, Illinois began distribution of large quantities of Powder River Basin coal to coal fired utility plants along the Ohio River. This terminal which was originally installed in the 1970s had handled mostly western coal. Because of the flow characteristics of the western coal, they began experiencing problems with coal surging which shut down their conveyor systems. The conveyors are fed by an above ground reclaim tunnel system.

The engineers of American Electric Power introduced PEBCO®’s mass flow feeder to personnel at Cook Coal Terminal as a possible solution to their problem. This design feeder was chosen because of the simplicity of the two bladed design and the ability to feed consistently through a rotating arc blade system with a 10 to 1 turn down ratio. Other features/benefits are described below:

• Promotes mass flow

• Handles large volumes of material

• Requires less power

• Has no vibrating parts

• Operates at a low noise level

• Feeds centerline of conveyor belt

• Is ideal for blending

The mass flow feeders have been installed since 1998 with no surging problems encountered. The terminal has on occasion loaded other types coal, and these feeders exceeded expectations.

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