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Posted in: , on 21. Feb. 2008 - 19:12

Outotec wins several aluminum technology orders in China

Outotec has won several aluminum technology orders from Chinese aluminum smelters related to major expansions or process improvements. The total value of these orders is approximately EUR 17 million.

The orders include:

- a sow casting system with a capacity of 30 tonnes per hour to produce 700kg aluminum ingots (sows) for Huomei Hongjun Aluminium-Power Co. Ltd. in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Outotec's delivery time is nine months;

- a sow casting systema with a capacity of 30 tonnes per hour and two sets of key rodshop process equipment for Yellow River Hydropower Development Co. Ltd. for their greenfield aluminum smelter to be built in Xining in Qinghai province. The production is expected to start in March 2009; and

- a vibrocompactor and key rodshop process equipment for China Aluminium International Trading Co. Ltd. for the expansion of their aluminum smelter in Fushun in Liaoning province. The vibrocompactor will be delivered from Germany in November 2008 and the rodshop equipment in August 2008.

"China is the largest primary aluminum producing country in the world. The Chinese producers are continuing to build new capacity to meet the strong demand. These new orders demonstrate that our advanced aluminum technologies and services meet the requirements of our Chinese customers", says Tapani Järvinen, President and CEO of Outotec.

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Outotec In Brazil And Bulgaria

Posted on 21. Feb. 2008 - 06:15

Outotec to deliver minerals processing solutions to Brazil and Bulgaria

Outotec has won two large minerals processing technology orders from Mirabela Mineraço do Brasil Ltda, Brazil and from Cumerio Med JSCo, Bulgaria. The total value of these two contracts is over EUR 21 million.

Mirabela Mineraço ordered a large technology package from Outotec for its new nickel sulfide concentrator in Itagib, Brazil. Outotec's delivery consists of engineering and equipment for flotation, thickening, filtering, classification, automation and on-line analyzing, as well services such as spare parts, installation and commissioning supervision. Outotec's delivery time is 14 months.

Cumerio Med has awarded Outotec a contract for the expansion of a slag concentrator of the Pirdop copper smelter in Bulgaria. Outotec's scope of delivery covers basic engineering, supply of grinding and flotation equipment and certain services. The project is due to be completed at the end of 2010.

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Outotec In South Africa

Posted on 21. Feb. 2008 - 06:18

Outotec to deliver ferrochrome production technology for ASA Metals in South Africa

Outotec has agreed with ASA Metals (Pty) Ltd for the design and delivery of a chromite ore pelletizing plant and two Outotec preheating kilns for ASA Metals expansion project in South Africa. The value of the contract exceeds EUR 25 million.

Outotec's scope of delivery includes the license, basic engineering, supply of key equipment, supervision of installation and commissioning, as well as training of ASA Metals' production personnel. The local contractors, Pyromet and Metix, will provide the equipment outside Outotec's scope as well as construction and installation of the new plant.

ASA Metals' new plant will be based on Outotec's renowned ferrochrome process, which recently won the Cleantech® Finland 2008 award. The pelletizing section will use Outotec's SBS(TM) steel belt sintering technology and the two 66 MVA ferrochrome smelting furnaces will be equipped with OPK(TM) preheating kiln technology.

The plant is designed to produce 600,000 tonnes of chromite pellets annually and it is expected to be commissioned in the second half of 2009.

"ASA Metals' new ferrochrome plant will be already the eleventh plant using Outotec's steel belt sintering technology and the ninth plant using Outotec's preheating kiln technology in South Africa. Because of its cleanness and energy-efficiency our technology has been a success in the global market, and today it is used to produce approximately 35 per cent of the world's ferrochrome", explains Tapani Järvinen, President and CEO of Outotec.

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