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Quick investment payback

Energy-saving and user-friendly: The new Ultra-Filter

The user may have very high expectations when a leading global filtration technology company introduces a totally new compressed air filter production series. Donaldson fulfils these expectations: One can save a three-to-four digit sum on energy costs per annum with each Ultra-Filter. Furthermore, assembly and service have been

considerably simplified through the basic new design of the filter housing and are thus more efficient.

During the preparatory work leading to the development of the filter, Donaldson engineers discovered an entire range of ‘adjusting screws’ with the help of which the differential pressure can be decreased and hence, the energy efficiency of the filter can be optimized. For example, the compressed air flow is guided into the filter element in a targeted manner. This ensures a turbulence-free, uniform flow of the filter medium – an absolute novelty in the technology of compressed air filtration.

In addition, a new filter medium is used in the filters that repel oil and water at the surface, thus keeping a large cross sectional area available for the retention of particles and separation of liquid aerosols from the compressed air condensate. To the user, this means a long service life of the elements with constantly low differential pressure.

The arrangement of the filter medium in the support sheath is also new: The pleating process is used here, which builds on an optimization of the pleat height and the number of pleats. This guarantees the availability of a maximum possible flow surface, so that the pressure loss is kept at a low level.

At the same time, the highest possible particle intake capacity is achieved. This is guaranteed by the latest media containing the finest fleece from borosilicate fibres which is produced in an innovative process. This fleece significantly aids low differential pressure over the total filter service life.

In addition, the filter medium repels oil and water at the surface, thus keeping a large cross sectional area available for the retention of particles and separation of liquid aerosols from the compressed air condensate. To the user, this means: Long service life of the elements at constantly low differential pressure.

On the whole, all these “energy-saving measures” lead to the fact that pressure loss can be reduced by about 50 %. Common market filters demonstrate a pressure loss of 450 to 500 mbar in wetted condition, but with the new Ultra-Filters this is only

around 250 mbar.

This halving can also be calculated approximately in Euro and Cent: At a flow rate of 1100 m/h, the user saves more than 1500 € per annum on energy costs, if the differential pressure is just 200 mbar lower – many times the cost of the whole filter. The investment thus pays for itself within a few months even for replacing an existing filter housing.

But the new Ultra-Filter is not just a genuine energy saving filter. It also offers innovations with regard to assembly and user-friendliness. For example, the existing three-part housing with screw cap was replaced by a two-part solution with a bayonet lock. As the filter element forms an assembly unit with the filter hood, much less space is required for element replacement. The wall supports, available upon request, with which the distance of the filter from the wall can be adjusted continuously, are also practical. The filters can be combined with the help of an adapter module, without additional components such as hexagonal nipples.

The economizer integrated in the housing can be parameterized in such a way that it displays the most favourable date for element replacement. Moreover, in addition to offering the option of connecting a potential-free contact, it also offers a 4 to 20 mA interface through which the current differential pressure of the filter, can be displayed e.g., on a central master display.

With nine design sizes, the new Ultra-Filter covers the performance spectrum from 35 to 1100 m3/h flow rate and therefore, actual compressor outputs between 2 and 120 kW. The modular design allows the production of OEM variants in customerspecific designs or for integration in compressor housings with minimum space requirement. The filters are therefore universal in use because different filter media are available for dust filtration, pre-separation, fine, micro and sub-micro filtration.

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With its head office in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, Donaldson Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of filtration systems and filter element replacements. Established in 1915, the company is strongly technology-oriented and its aim is to fulfil the requirements and wishes of global customers for filtration solutions with the help of innovative research and development. Donaldson supplies preparations of compressed air and technical gases as well as fluid filtration, filter systems for maintaining air purity at the workplace, power generation as well as individual filtration solutions to essential markets of the manufacturing sector such as e.g., automobile technology, plant manufacturing, pharmaceuticals industry. 11,000 employees contribute to the success of the company at 30 production centres. Donaldson is listed in the S&P MidCap 400 Index. Donaldson shares are traded at the New Your Stock Exchange under the DCI abbreviation.

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