The New P-REX™ Scrap Drum

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Eriez® Offers Free Literature Featuring Revolutionary, New P-REX™ Scrap Drum

Erie, PA, USA - Eriez® announces the availability of a new brochure that features the company’s new, innovative, remarkably powerful P-REX™ Permanent Rare Earth Xtreme™ Drum Magnet. According to the literature, P-REX is a historic breakthrough in ferrous separation that is up to 40 percent stronger than an electromagnetic drum and capable of attracting large spherical objects at twice the distance during scrap metal processing.

The four-page, five-color brochure explains that engineering innovations give P-REX the power to provide better “meatball” recovery than ever before thought possible. Advantages include superior magnetic strength, more width and more flip, no decline in performance due to heat rise and no DC power requirement.

“This literature was designed to describe the unbeatable separation capabilities P-REX offers over electromagnetic drums,” says Tim Shuttleworth, Eriez President and CEO. “It is a must-read for companies that want to bring more profits to their scrap recycling operations.”

When compared to electromagnetic drums, P-REX features a 40 percent stronger magnetic field during operation with twice the reach, resulting in improved ferrous separation. P-REX’s deep reach and exceptionally large pick-up zone enables it to capture heavy spheres such as meatballs and knuckles at a greater distance.

Front-to-back, P-REX features exceptional range. Its large pick-up zone projects over more surface area than an electromagnetic drum, allowing greater ferrous recovery. Constructed of solid magnetic material to its edges, P-REX easily captures ferrous material over a wider zone. By contrast, electromagnetic drum magnets use a steel core to project the magnetic field. These cores generate a limited magnetic force at the drum edge because the electric coil that is wound around the core takes valuable space across the width of the drum, causing weak zones at the edges.

At the transfer point along the drum shell face, electromagnetic drums pick up ferrous materials, flip them for cleaning and transfer them over the top. At this flip point, electromagnetic drums are weaker and can lose a portion of the potential recovery. P-REX is strong throughout the cleaning flip point; metals transfer between the pick-up magnet and axial magnet, ensuring additional profits.

Electromagnetic drums also suffer significant strength loss shortly after start-up. Once hot, their strength drops up to 30 percent. P-REX’s permanent magnets are permanent, so they maintain their strength. P-REX lasts indefinitely and uses no electricity. It is very strong with an attractive force that surpasses the largest and strongest electromagnetic drums on the market today. When comparing P-REX Drums to Electros, P-REX outperforms them by more than 20 percent during both hot and cold conditions.

According to the literature, Eriez has developed a P-REX ‘Simulator’ to help magnetic processors accurately determine the amount of ferrous that is escaping their magnetic drums and devaluing their nonferrous material. This portable simulator will detect the nonferrous material and remove any remaining ferrous. “You may be surprised how much ferrous you’re missing,” says Shuttleworth.

The literature also explains that P-REX has no coils to wear or short out. P-REX can also be outfitted with an optional retractable jaw that pulls the magnets away from its shell.

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