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Darbox Introduces the Darbox 33L UN Certified Hobbock for the Packing, Storage and Transportation

of High Value and Hazardous Materials

•Cost effective, environmentally friendly packaging

•Easy Press-on closure and User-friendly opening

•Reliable, Secure, and Strong

•Stable Stacking and Space-Saving Nesting

Nürnberg, Germany (25 September 2007) – Darbox Ltd., a market leader in heavy duty plastic containers and packaging, launched the new Darbox 33L UN Certified Hobbock today, at Fachpack 2007.

"This is one of a series of new product announcements which we will be making over the next year," said Asher Gavish, Sales Director, Darbox Ltd. "Darbox understands that, for today’s high value and hazardous materials, many of the existing packaging solutions are not really good enough anymore. The new Darbox Hobbock was designed for Europe’s chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers to replace and improve upon that traditional packaging."

Manufactured in FDA/EU approved, food grade HDPE, the Darbox 33L Hobbock is a cost effective, environmentally friendly container. It features an easy press-on closure design that solves usability issues, for both production and end-user, seen in previous products in the same market segment. The Darbox 33L Hobbock will be produced at the European manufacturing facility located in Germany.

"We have taken the opportunity to think "outside the container" in terms of the industries’ requirements in the coming years, " added Eran Meyer, General Manager, Darbox Ltd. "Due to our new product developments currently underway, combined with production both in Europe and Israel, we are ideally placed to supply the right packaging at the right price to meet those needs".

About Darbox Ltd.

Darbox develops and manufactures innovative heavy-duty plastic open-top containers including UN-certified packaging for the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food ingredient industries worldwide. Strongly client oriented, Darbox offers a complete, highly professional design, project management and support service related to packaging in general and UN containers in particular. Headquartered in Or-Akiva, Israel, and with injection moulding manufacturing capabilities in Israel and Germany, Darbox is ISO 9001:2000 certified and HAACP approved.

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