Multi Stage Collector Patent

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Allied Environmental Technologies, Inc.

Received New Patent

Multi Stage Collector. US Patent NO. 6,524,369

The MSC offers a new concept for ultra-fine particulate control that not only retains the best advantages of current state-of-the-art technology but also makes significant improvements. It will be especially beneficial when electrical resistivity of dust or fume as precipitated, exceeds 1011 Ohm-cm or is extremely low, for example less than 104 Ohm-cm. Furthermore, this design will be particularly advantageous when the material to be collected consists mostly of ultra-fine dust or fume. The MSC design provides an optimum combination of not only single-and two-stage ESP, but also incorporates an additional collector stage by filtering the gas exiting the collector through porous elements, which, in essence, is the only way for the gases to “escape” or exit from the collector. The MSC arrangement assures that essentially all dust would be detained in this final stage. Finally, in the event the barrier filter gets “punctured” or simply leaks, the overall MSC performance would suffer less, due to the ESP collection phenomena.

The MSC contains multiple narrow and wide zones formed by a plurality of parallel corrugated plates. Contained in the narrow zones are discharge electrodes. These electrodes provide a non-uniform electric field leading to corona discharge. The corona discharge causes particulate matter in the gas flow to become charged. Wide regions contain barrier filters thus creating the two-stage precipitator with relatively uniform electric field. In these regions, particles are collected on both plates and on the porous barrier elements, which also act as the final filtering stage.

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