Multi-Purpose Modular Micronizing Fluid Jetmill

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Tecnologia Meccanica has reengineered its line of micronizing fluid jet mills with the aim of market a completely new product line able to share a big number of common parts and to use one single control docking station for many different micronizing chambers, this means that actually we are able to supply and guarantee equipments with excellent interchangeability between one and another. This introduce to the fluid jet mills market the modular design concept of standard products.

The modular concept added to a very special management of the design of each component makes Tecnologia Meccanica able to supply and support unlimited custom versions of its fluid jet mills at a very competitive price, granting a value add to the customer's investment in our products. In fact our customer can choose to buy a basic equipment for r&d laboratory purpose and to upgrade later the same unit till a model able to make production of 5 kg/hour.

Actually the modular line comprises the following equipment:

- J-20 micronizing fluid jet mill

- J-25 micronizing fluid jet mill

- J-30 micronizing fluid jet mill

- J-40 micronizing fluid jet mill

- J-50 micronizing fluid jet mill

- J-70 micronizing fluid jet mill

all able to work on the same common platform, all able to encompass the three main steps r&d, pilot, production, into a single modular scalable unit, for batches from 0.5 g till 5 kg/hour, that is really incredible.

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J-70 micronizing fluid jet mill


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