Mobile Screw Elevator

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New Mobile Screw Elevator Design from Ajax Equipment

Logistics and manufacturing flexible materials handling

Solids handling equipment specialist Ajax Equipment has developed a high capacity, mobile screw elevator for manufacturing and logistics companies to use for the transfer of bulk materials to and from transportation vehicles and into hoppers.

The mobile screw elevator is designed to lift materials up to height of 6 metres and uses Lynflow technology to achieve efficient elevation at an inclination of 40 – 45 degrees. These machines are available in mild or stainless steel in a range of lengths and screw diameters, enabling transfer rates of up to 40 m/hr. The elevators can be linked directly to a wagon's connection or discharge device for ease of material transfer.

In a design innovation, the elevator drive motor is mounted half way along the screw length for better balance and ease of maintenance. Ajax Equipment offers a high degree of customisation to meet specific application requirements. In addition to the length and diameter / capacity of the screw, these can include a sack tip station with or without dust extraction hood, and big bag station for feeding the inlet or receiving the output.

The screw elevator has a small footprint, making it ideal for movement and operation within the tight confines of an industrial plant or warehouse.

“These mobile screw elevators offer process engineers and logistics companies an effective and flexible way to load and unload bulk road vehicles,” says Eddie McGee, technical director, Ajax Equipment Ltd.

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