Maihak Monitors Silo Levels

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Monitoring the level in silos - MaihakLOT 369

The MaihakLOT 369, is a new sounding line system within the product range of Maihak AG, Hamburg, Germany. The application of the MaihakLOT 369 can be found within all industries from food production, building materials and waste products. The level of fine powder and rough materials are measured with the same reliability. A special perforated sensing weight enables the MaihakLOT 369 to precisely measure sediments in liquids. The measurement repeats in such short frequencies that it is nearly a continuous measurement. The output signal is given as counter pulses or a 4 to 20 mA signal with a accuracy of max. 1 mm. Additionally the level is displayed on the standard build-in LCD. A chain of 10 LED’s shows the motion and the actual position of the sensing weight. Electrical contact switches prevent the sensing weight from lowering down when the silo is filled.

The MaihakLOT combines a simple and proven measuring principle with intelligent microprocessor technique. The measurement is not dependant on the dielectric constant of the bulk material and there is no influence from noise. The MaihakLOT is specialised to measure in high dust applications. The measuring range can be up to 70 m distance. This range can also be made in narrow silos. The sensing weight is fixed to a stainless steel cable. The advantage of a steel cable is the high tensile strength, even at angular efficacy. The steel cable is flexible and therefore robust. Even hard bumps from falling bulk material will not effect the cable’s strength.

If the sensing weight should get covered or caught, the MaihakLOT automatically starts a rescue routine to free the sensing weight. The cable will then be lowered and raised several times with increased force.

If necessary the configuration can be done using the six device keys. The LCD display leads through the menus.

Special functions:

• For very short measuring sequences the “Hover Mode” can be activated. If this function is used, the sensing weight will stay one meter above the bulk level in a waiting position. The next measurement starts from this position.

• The level of fluids can be measured continuously using the “Float Mode”. A float weight stays on the surface of the fluid and moves up and down when the level changes. The MaihakLOT permanently retightens the steel cable and detects the level height.

• With the “Timer Function”, the MaihakLOT 369 measures automatically. The measuring sequence can be set between 1 and 9999 minutes.

The MaihakLOT 369 can be used for applications within -40 to +150 °C. The pressure in the silo can be up to 2 bar. The electronics unit is separated from the cable, in a dust and water tight enclosure with a rating of IP 66. Dust Ex installation certification are also available.

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