Littleford Day Acid-Base Reaction Technology

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Littleford Day Acid-Base Reaction Technology offers a highly efficient and economical means of manufacturing a variety of products and ingredients for the Agrichemical market. The Littleford process reacts the acid-base product, then vacuum dries and cools the product all in the same vessel. This enables the processor to precisely mix the reagents and accurately control the reaction temperature to produce a fully reacted powdered product of appropriate pH. The Littleford Ploughshare® Vacuum Dryer operates according to the proven mechanical "fluidized bed" mixing principle which permits acid-base reagents to achieve intimate, individualized, rapid contact with each other and the heat transfer surfaces. In addition, independently operated, high shear "chopper" devices are available to reduce the particle size of the lumps or agglomerates thereby exposing new materials. This proven Littleford technology has been applied to numerous complex and difficult applications in the Agrichemical Industry. Littleford Ploughshare® Vacuum Dryers can be purchased in a variety of sizes from bench/pilot scale up to larger units to meet most production requirements.

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