Intrinsically Safe Self-testing Static Grounding Clamp

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now incorporating mains power supply.

The new mains powered Bond-Rite REMOTE EP provides a reliable and

economical way to enable static bonding connections to be continuously

checked and verified in flammable atmospheres.

International Safety Standards dictate that static grounding and bonding

clamps are required wherever mobile or portable conductive plant items such

as drums, containers and vessels are used in hazardous areas. However,

these types of mobile plant often have coated surfaces and this problem is

compounded in use due to build up of insulating layers such as paint,

resins, product build-up, or other contamination. These conditions can

easily impair the effectiveness of the static-grounding clamp and insulate

the plant item, but it is virtually impossible to know this just from

visual inspection.

To overcome this situation, the Bond-Rite REMOTE EP combines the benefits

of a purpose designed grounding clamp with wall mounted monitoring

electronics and feedback via visual indication (flashing green LED). The

Bond-Rite continuously tests it's own connection and verifies a suitably

low resistance static dissipation path (< 10 Ohms). Power Supply Units are

available for 230 or 110V AC, and incorporate Intrinsically Safe Barriers -

unit ATEX certification EX II (1) GD [EEx ia IIC]. Up to four monitoring

units can be driven from a single power supply, providing an economical and

simple to install solution in applications where multiple plant items must

be earthed.

The Bond-Rite REMOTE EP complements the existing Bond-Rite range of self

testing clamps and is perfectly suited to applications where the earthing

clamp/connector will be attached to plant/drums/containers for prolonged

periods of time. The Bond-Rite is manufactured and distributed in the UK by

Newson Gale Ltd and is available worldwide through a network of specialist

distributors. Please contact Newson Gale for more information.

For more information please visit:


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