Hot Melt BOPP adhesive tape Rubber adhesive BOPP tape

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Hot melt BOPP adhesive tape are made from BOPP base film and Rubber adhesive,not acrylic glue.

It has the properties of environment friendly,High adhesion,Low temperature Resistant,low Noise,no adhesive residue.Compare with Acrylic BOPP tape,Holt melt adhesive is natural rubber resin.holt melt BOPP tape has less pungent smell,and good stability,easy tear and pull.

Below is the specifications for Hot melt BOPP adhesive tape:

Thickness: 40U/45U/50U

Color: clear,white,Brown

Width: 45mm,48mm,72mm

Length per roll: 60m to 800m.

packaging: 6 pcs /shrink. 36pcs or 72pcs per carton.

Paper core and cartons can be printed per as customer's design.

Jumbo roll size: 1280mm x 4000m.


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