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Hosokawa Micron’s Cosmetic Production Cost Savings

Aren’t Just Powder Puff

The production of cosmetic face powders can be simplified by utilising the Hosokawa Micron Cyclomix, replacing multiple machines with one single mixer. Initial investment costs are lowered, cleaning and maintenance times reduced and product quality improved.

Fine cohesive powders used for cosmetic products do not only have to be mixed accurately but the process also has to be flexible and cleanable too. The Cyclomix with its dome covered conical mixing chamber achieves all these things. Constant circulation of the product means little product residue is left after discharge making the machine easy to clean and improving yields.

Conventional four step production, of high quality face powders, requires several pieces of equipment but the flexibility of the Cyclomix enables low speed, low intensity and high speed and high intensity mixing to be carried out in a single machine. A homogenous end product is produced in an ultra short batch time whilst the use of a single machine for the complete process renders product handling between the different process steps obsolete.

Base powders like talcum, additives and pigments are first mixed at a slow speed of 2m/s for 30 seconds then at a speed of 30m/s to disperse the pigments. The centrifugal forces push the product up to the conical shaped vessel wall. The product, guided by the domed cover towards the centre, is then returned to the bottom part of the mixing chamber and the mixing process starts again.

The high shear forces at the vessel wall are combined with the impact forces produced by the knife blades fitted to the top of the rotor giving high intensity mixing with pigments completely dispersed in 10 to 20 minutes.

The oil is then introduced from the top of the mixer, with the position of the nozzle guaranteeing good distribution of the liquid in the powder from the beginning.

Finally, fragile or heat sensitive materials like pearls or binders are introduced with the motor running at a low speed of 4m/s for one minute, distributing the delicate and fragile products homogeneously through the batch.

The Hosokawa Micron Cyclomix is effective running batches from 20 to 100 percent of the working volume with product quality maintained.

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