High Efficiency Mobile Eco Hopper

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B&W delivers the first of its new design ‘High Efficiency’ Mobile Eco Hopper

B&W Mechanical Handling Limited, the world renowned supplier of mobile port loading and unloading equipment has delivered the fist of its new, patented design, port-side mobile unloading Eco Hoppers. The unit is so called because of its specific capability to enable virtually dust free unloading of bulk materials on the quayside.

The fist order was placed by Brazilian company Cimento Apodi via the B&W sister company Aumund do Brazil Limited. Cimento Apodi has invested in the unloading facility as part of its new project to build a 30,000 tonnes per month cement milling facility located adjacent to the port. Apodi plans to initially invest $60 million during the first phase of the cement unit project.

B&W Mechanical Handling Ltd based in Ely, UK enjoys the benefits of being fully integrated into the substantial and respected International Aumund Group with strategically placed offices in more than 10 countries and representatives in over 40.

Installed during July 2010 at the Port of Pecem, the Eco Hopper is ready to receive an initial 71,000 tonnes of imported material; 50,000 tons of slag and 21,000 tons of clinker purchased from China. The Eco Hopper is loaded from vessels via 20 cubic metre capacity crane grabs. The materials are then transported by truck to the new grinding plant. The unit has a working volume of approximately 70 cubic metres and is capable of discharging at rates up to 700 tonnes per hour. The key to this new and patented design is the integration of purpose built dust filter units incorporated into the structural element of the hopper from the outset. This approach enables B&W to provide almost 60% more filtration media surface area when compared to competitors and therefore higher air throughputs at lower velocities. This improves operational efficiency and reduces the overall size of the hopper. The unique filter configuration is complemented by the B&W Flex Flaps system at the hopper mouth which eliminates fugitive dust release at the point of grab discharge. The new Eco Hopper is truly a major benefit for port operators when it comes to the vitally important area of dust control.

The fabricated steel chassis which carries all elements of the operation is designed to allow through-passage of vehicles under the hopper and beneath the loading spout while travelling parallel to the quay edge and discharge of materials from the unit is into trucks. To ensure that this is also a dust free operation an additional filter unit has been mounted to the high level framework to service the Aumund loading chute. This telescopic loading chute includes powered raise and lower functions with local manual control allowing an operator, positioned on a working platform above the truck, to control precisely the position of the spout relative to the truck body.

This particular Eco Hopper has to be moved some 1.6 kilometres from its storage zone to the quayside for deployment. To facilitate this B&W have provided a robust wheel and towing system comprising aircraft rubber tyres, one rigid axle and one steering axle including a demountable Ackermann steering system designed to operate with a suitable towing tractor or loading shovel.

This Eco Hopper, a model 7.5, is one of a new design range which includes several hopper sizes and covers a band of material bulk densities. Three hopper sizes are available, namely 6.0, 7.5 and 9.0 metres square and the structures are graded as medium, heavy and very heavy duty according to material densities ranging from 0.8 to 3.0 tonnes per cubic metre.

In addition to these options, hopper valley angles are selected according to material flow characteristics and customers have the choice of hopper extensions to increase hopper volume and top shrouds to improve side wind protection. Mobility configurations include fixed feet, towable and self propelled wheels and the equivalent rail mounted versions. On-board power can be easily achieved with the provision of machine mounted generators and compressors.

This new range of port side unloading equipment is designed in the UK by B&W but can be supplied with local manufacturing content anywhere in the world through the extensive Aumund network of manufacturing.

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Fig. 1: Cimento Apodi Eco Hopper

Fig. 2: B&W Flex Flaps system


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