Forced Feeding Granulators

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March 2007

The new Generation: HERBOLD Granulators with Forced Feeding

The newly developed SB series granulators continue their way to the top. New lines for recycling PET bottles are typically equipped with this new and particularly economic grinding conception.

The SB series granulators are also successfully used as secondary granulators where shredders cannot attain the required granular size.

Here are two examples proving the capacity of these granulators:

As a secondary granulator in continuous operation for barrels and hollow bodies, an

SML 60/100 SB (rotor 600 x 1000 mm, drive 75 kW), can obtain a throughput of 3.400 kg/hr (screen size 8 mm) and

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New in our product range is the SML 45/60 granulator


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Force Feeding Granulator (Continued)

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that, with rotor dimensions of 450 x 600 mm and a 37-kW drive, can attain a throughput of 1.000 – 1.200 kg/hr when grinding PET bottles (screen: 12 mm).

In the past this capacity performance could only be obtained with much bigger machines. Due to the forced feeding device, HERBOLD MECKESHEIM granulators obtain a higher packing density in the grinding chamber; the material cannot escape the cutting tools: the probability that there is a particle between rotor and stator knives is considerably higher than with traditional granulators where the material „dances“ on the rotor without being seized.

In addition to the improved capacity this new granulator is also characterised by a more homogeneous granular size and considerably reduced running costs – this is not surprising at all since, with a much smaller granulator, with a reduced drive and more compact dimensions, it will be possible to obtain the same throughput.

HERBOLD MECKESHEIM is prepared to furnish evidence for this in the technical department.

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The SML 45/60 granulator


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