First Scalable Lab Size Cone Mill

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Quadro Engineering Inc. Presents First Scalable Lab Size Cone Mill

Quadro will exhibit the first SCALABLE lab size conical screen mill at the AAPS Show, in Salt Lake City, and at Chem 2003 in New York. The Comil® U5 is available in both belt driven and direct driven design, has a compact footprint, and is ideal for lab & glove box installations.

Its unique “dustless” chute design allows for processing of small batches without blowback.

Low energy, low heat, low noise, low dust, high capacity sanitary size reduction equipment, capable of milling product to 60 – 100 mesh (150 - 250m).

Capacities range from batch sizes of a few grams (ounces) up to 200 kg/hr (440 lb/hr) for this model. Constructed of 316 stainless steel, complete with motor, variable speed control, and digital speed readout. Options include explosion-proof electrics and easily removable milling head.

Ten (10) fully scalable Quadro® Comil® models are available for capacities up to 54,500 kg/hr (120,000 lb/hr). Meets all international safety standards including OSHA, CE, ATEX.

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