Dos Santos Announces DSI Snake Start-Up

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Dos Santos International announces DSI Snake Start-Up In Northern Spain

Dos Santos International, USA, announces the start-up of their latest DSI Snake-Sandwich High-Angle conveyor, on the 24th of July, 2003, at the Aceralia Steel Mill, near Gijon, Asturias, Spain.

The DSI Snake is part of an expansion to the coal grinding facilities for the carbon injection to the existing and new blast furnaces. The DSI Snake elevates the total raw coal throughput to a transfer where a bifurcated chute, with flop gate, allows directing the coal flow to the old and new grinding facilities.

Dos Santos International partnered with PHB Weserhutte, of Gijon, contractor for the expansion project, in the supply, installation and start-up of the DSI Snake.

Operating parameters for the new DSI Snake are summarized below. The DSI Snake is the latest in Sandwich-Belt High-Angle Conveyor technology, employing all and only conventional conveyor equipment and components. There are no special pressing mechanisms. A firm yet gentle hugging pressure, imparted to the conveyed material, is induced entirely by radial pressure due to belt tension and the carrying profile.

Though the first DSI Snake Conveyor for PHB Weserhutte and Aceralia this is yet another Snake in a growing list of sandwich belt installations, by Dos Santos International, since 1998.

Technical Data

Material- Coal

- Density- 0.8 t/cu-m (50 PCF)

- Size- 50 mm (2”) minus

Conveying Rate- 250 t/h (276 STPH)

Conveying Angle- 75 degrees

Belt Width- 1200 mm (47”)

Belt Speed- 2.29 m/s (450 FPM)

Lift- 35,100 mm (115’)

Length- 45,065 mm (148’)

Snake Drives

- Top Belt- 30 kW (40.2 HP)

- Bottom Belt- 30 kW (40.2 HP)

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