Converging / Diverging Bin Reduces Bridging

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Individual converging / diverging mass flow modules are stacked together to form a gravity flow storage bin to reduce bridging (no-flow) of bulk solids. Design is covered by U.S. Patent no. 6,139,241 which has been assigned to Jenike & Johanson, Inc.

Bulk solids traditionally flow in a straight cylinder section with a converging hopper beneath. In many systems, the cylinder height-to-diameter ratio is large to ensure, for example, uniform residence time or a pressure seal. As a bulk solid flows in “plug flow” in the cylinder it gains cohesive strength, thereby increasing its potential to form a cohesive bridge at the cylinder / hopper transition. The converging / diverging bin was designed to overcome some of the limitations of “plug flow”.

The converging / diverging bin design ensures continuous interparticle motion and mass flow, while ensuring uniform residence time. Depending on the configuration, it can be used to relieve or increase effective solids stress, thereby reducing particle breakage or reducing bridging potential.

Successfully proven as a conditioning vessel for bulk solids, and as a replacement for a traditional coal feeder standpipe, the converging / diverging bin can be used for virtually any difficult-to-handle, cohesive bulk solid.

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