Ceramic grinding media - alumina balls & zirconia balls

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CBC supplies following ceramic grinding media:

Alumina Balls

Alumina grinding balls are made of alumina powder as raw material through batching, grinding, powdering (pulping, mud making), molding, drying, firing and other processes. The alumina content of high-aluminum grinding balls is above 92%, and the appearance is white spherical with a diameter of 1-100mm.

They are widely used as grinding media.

Application of alumina balls:

It is suitable for grinding media of ball mills, stirring mills and other equipment, and can be used in non-ferrous metal ore, industrial ceramic powder materials, non-metal powder materials, titanium dioxide, papermaking, coatings, other powder materials and other fields.

Alumina grinding media


Zirconia Grinding Beads

Zirconia beads are made of micron-level and sub-nano-level raw materials with advanced technology.

Application of zirconia grinding beads:

Zirconia grinding beads are mainly used for ultra-fine grinding and dispersion of materials that require “no- pollution” and high viscosity and high hardness, such as: electronic ceramics, magnetic materials, zirconia, silicon oxide, zirconium silicate, titanium dioxide, medicine, food , Pigments, dyes, inks, special chemical raw materials, etc.

Zirconia 95 Grinding Balls


Grinding Beads, Zirconia 95


Zirconia 95 Nano Grinding Beads


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