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Determining the bulk density of material using the Bulk Density Tester

Exact knowledge of a product’s properties is a prerequisite for offering the customer the most optimum machine with a satisfactory packing speed. Every day the experts of the Haver & Boecker Research & Development Center use various test instruments to acquire fundamental knowledge of a product’s properties, or the product packaging to be used. The HAVER Bulk Density Tester is such an instrument.

The bulk density is used during the production process for checking the material’s structural uniformity. The bulk density of a flowable powder-type, granular or short-fibrous, bulk material is determined by measuring the mass of an exact known volume under specified conditions. In Germany alone there are approximately 20 known norms for determining the bulk density of an individual product. With the HAVER Bulk Density Tester, the bulk density of all powder-type and granular shaped substances can be determined, even if it contains clumps.

The HAVER Bulk Density Tester is just one of an entire series test instruments that Haver & Boecker has developed for use in laboratories. It is also an appropriate method for customers or university laboratories to use for determining product specific properties and data.

Other Haver test instruments include the Airflow Tester, the BIG GURLY, the Trickle Tester and the Air-Escape measuring instrument.

Photo: The HAVER Bulk Density Tester is part of a complete range of test instruments that have been developed at Haver & Boecker for use in test laboratories. With this instrument the bulk density of all powder-type or granular substances can be determined.

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