Bmg Conveyor Consulting announces the award of large contract with copper mine.

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Odessa, Florida, February 7, 2017 - BMG Conveyor Consulting announced that it has been awarded a contract to replace all of the pulleys on a large overland conveyor system for a world class South American copper mine.

BMG Conveyor Consulting and Rubber Corporation’s customer approached BMG to consult and recommend replacement of the pulleys on their overland conveyor system. The conveyor system is the only mode of transportation getting the ore from the mine to its processing facility. An inferior product could cause a catastrophic effect causing the shut down of the mine.

Ronald D. Fernandes, President of BMG Conveyor Consulting, says “With BMG’s extensive international consulting experience, our South American customer placed their trust in us to select a world class pulley manufacturer. BMG was proud to select Lorbrand, from South Africa, for this task.”

Mr. Fernandes continued by stating, “Too many times, customers look for the cheapest price. It is always an advantage to work with customers and suppliers that believe in the total cost of ownership and place quality and price on an equal footing.”

BMG Conveyor Consulting and Rubber Corporation and its principals have an extensive history of conveyor system components sales and service throughout the world. The consultants of BMG have been certified by most of the major conveyor component manufacturers and BMG maintains an extensive up to date library of product data and installation specifications.

Ronald D. Fernandes, President BMG Conveyor Consulting and Rubber Corp. 2511 Destiny Way Odessa, Florida 33556 USA Phone: 813.385.1254 E-mail: [email][/email] Web Site: [url][/url]
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