BinMaster Introduces the SmartWave Pulse Radar Transmitter

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Posted in: , on 25. Oct. 2003 - 16:53

Lincoln, NE, October 24, 2003: The SmartWave is a very accurate, noiseless and self-adjusting pulse radar transmitter for distances up to 100 feet. The SmartWave adjusts microwave pulse amplitude and its width to a target distance and target reflection properties. The receiver changes its sensitivity with the amplitude of received echoes. In addition, the unit analyzes the shapes of the received echoes and eliminates the ones coming from tank walls, standpipes and other obstructions. These features allow the SmartWave to track any wanted target from the tip of the rod antenna to the bottom of the tank, regardless of the tank shape or environmental conditions. The transmitters provide a continuous 4 to 20 mA output and optional RS-485 communication to interface directly to a PC allowing data collection, parameter changes, and transmitter diagnostics.

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