BigBag-on-Pallet (BOP) Bulk Handling Concept

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p2-systems is introducing a new innovative product simplifying and making the handling of FIBCs easier, less costly and safer.

The BOP-Concept effects all aspects associated with the handling of FIBCs and introduces a new feature, permitting a direct and controllable discharge of free-flowing products from the bag.

Comprising BOP-Units and a basic stand, all that is needed for an optimal operation is a forklift, which can be found in almost every company. Each BOP-Unit consists of a base-frame into which a flow-lock device is integrated. Detachable and exchangeable stanchions permit the accommodation of FIBCs with different heights. This furthermore ensures a minimal empty volume of the stackable units that are not in use. The stand, used for discharging purposes, which incorporates a lifting device enables a complete emptying of the FIBC without external aid.

Comparing presently necessary handling steps in a FIBC usage cycle, i.e. filling, handling, transporting, storing and discharging with those necessary when utilizing the BOP-Concept make operational as well as investment wise savings evident. Especially the discharging process, for which no additional equipment is required. Handling steps - most often of manual nature - can be completely eliminated and operational costs substantially cut.

Depending on the logistics concept in which this system is implemented, it is only a matter of time that it will pay for itself.

Conceived for use in all industries using FIBCs as a packaging media, the BOP-System also enables users of bulk goods delivered in sacks to switch over to big bags with a minimal investment.

Services offered by p2-systems range from feasibility studies, evaluations for the integration of the concept into existing logistics concepts up to the implementation.

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