AUMUND Bucket Elevators in Vietnam

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Cong Thanh Cement Plant Stock Joint Company has ordered bucket-elevators from AUMUND Fördertechnik for the likely record-breaking height of 150 metres. They form part of the mega cement plant’s two production lines in the Vietnamese province of Thanh Hoa. From there up to 12,000t. of clinker is scheduled to be produced each day starting in 2012. The plant will be one of the largest in the whole of Asia.

The conveying capacities of the bucket-elevators achieve up to 450t/h. They will be supplied and installed this summer. Three out of a total of six bucket-elevators transport the clinker to a height of 150 metres, at which point it is fed to the preheater tower. The other three bucket-elevators will be employed for cement and raw meal transport. Also belonging to the scope of supply is a deep-drawn pan conveyor (KZB 1400/400/5) for clinker transport over a stretch of 126 metres to the clinker silos as well as two further deep-drawn pan conveyors which take care of clinker distribution to the silos. Four belt conveyors which are also being supplied then handle the task of clinker transport from the silos to the mill (1500t/h) or to the export silos. They cover a distance of 120 and 220 metres respectively. The overall package is rounded off by a complete dedusting installation for the clinker silos and 14 filter units for the clinker transport.

The expansion of Cong Thanh is thus developing into an important reference project for AUMUND Fördertechnik and for the German machinery building sector as a whole: Almost all of the core components for the new line come from Germany.

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