Ammonium Sulphate Salt Conveying System

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Plant Description

The Ammonium sulphate plant is a part of the By-Products plant involved in Coke production in our steel plant. In the Ammonium sulphate plant, after the ammonia is trapped and converted in ammonium sulphate salt, this is dried in a fluid bed drier. Then a screw conveyor is used to transfer the salt to a bucket elevator, which in turn feeds a hopper. A truck unloads the hopper 1-2 times a day depending upon the load.

Present Scenario

At present the bucket elevator is worn out and needs replacement. Also the salt tends to stick to the buckets when it is wet and sometimes the unit is hammered to remove the salt. This bucket elevator is almost 50 feet high and the conveying capacity is 1 MT / hr.

Because of these problems we are planning to replace the bucket elevator by a vertical or an inclined screw conveyor. A vertical one is preferred to replace the existing bucket elevator arrangement.

Any better ideas or suggestions for transferring ammonium sulphate salt are welcome.

Thank you.

Sanjay Calvin

Ammonium Sulfate Salts

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A large enough dilute phase conveyor would work, but the wet product is an issue that will not go away unless the material is dried further to eliminate plugging a dilute phase system.

Using a rotary drier for a days production of 24 tons with a prtion of the waste heat you have to exhaust may be the simple answer to solve the moisture issues.

And then you could use a dilute phase system to load the lorry however many times it takes to empty the dryer bypassing the need for a storage bin.

The dilute phase pipe will require a pipeline pig to clean it periodically to remove build ups of material to ensure proper flows.

pipeline pigs are easy to use and offer an excellent way to clean piping for fluids and dense or dilute phase conveying

A pneumatic system will benefit from a linear path(if available) with few if any curves as the curves will require more energy.


Ammonium Sulphate Conveying

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Please consider replacing the present elevator with a belt elevator with buckets attached to the belt. The buckets could also be made of thermo-plastc material so that they are not rigid.

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Re: Ammonium Sulphate Salt Conveying System

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1 MTPH is not a large capacity and you are feeding a bin that is not affected by filling rate.

Consider a skip hoist that will make a few trips/hr. Bucket can have a good taper in all directions to release material and can be urethane or rubber lined to prevent corrosion & sticking.

Re: Ammonium Sulphate Salt Conveying System

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Quote Originally Posted by J DView Post
1 MTPH is not a large capacity ... Consider a skip hoist that will make a few trips/hr.

Good, simple idea

Re: Ammonium Sulphate Salt Conveying System

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Screw would be extremely inefficient and maintenance prone.

Skip hoist or better bucket design should do it.

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Re: Ammonium Sulphate Salt Conveying System

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Thank you for all your posts.

Nordell: What do you mean screw conveyor is highly ineffecient, are you talking about more energy required ? We do use a small screw conveyor ( 6 ft long ) which feeds the salt from the Fluid bed drier to the bucket elevator, there are no major issues with it, the drive is located at the bottom end of the incline and sometimes the salt gets into the bearing housing (poorly designed 30 years old) and corrodes the bearings.

We do use a Fluid bed drier in the operation just prior to conveying the salt to the bin, sometimes when there is problems with the fluid bed drier, the salt does get wet and sticks to the buckets.

Which will be a cost effective and non problematic way of conveying.

Please post your replies.