Overview of Level Instrument Market

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Various manufacturers coexist in the Chinese level instrument market. Currently the total number has exceeded 30 which can be divided into the following four groups by their market sizes:

E+H and Vega are in the first group with both annual sales amounts exceeding 100 million yuan. They account for 40% of the entire market share altogether and are dominators of level instrument industry with unshakable status.

Siemens and Emerson belong to the second group. Siemens MSL ultrasonic level meter takes up over 20% market share in the entire ultrasonic level instrument market. Emerson’s radar level instrument also holds near 20% in its respective field.

K-tek, Honeywell, Magnetrol and Ametek DE constitute the third group. These companies are unique in their specific fields. For example, Honeywell is authoritative in oil irrigated areas; K-tek is famous for its magnetic technology, leading in products such as magnet floats and magnetostrictive level meters; Ametek DE is of more discursive power in RF admittance field.

The fourth group contains relatively a large number of companies with their sales revenues below 50 million yuan in most cases.

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Overview Of Level Instrument Market

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Hello Evelyn,

How about an update of these interesting statistics, perhaps extending to the Asian markets?

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