Job Vacancy - Internal Sales Engineer

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Kemutec Group Ltd is a leading UK based manufacturer and supplier of Powder Processing Equipment for the Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries and require a Sales Engineer to join their UK Sales Office Team.

It is a multi-tasking role, which requires a dynamic and flexible approach in a demanding, but rewarding working environment. It requires involvement with clients from initial contact, through to final order closing.

The ideal candidate will be capable of working under their own initiative and possess excellent communication skills and IT familiarity, with a relevant technical and commercial sales background.

If you feel that you could match up to these requirements, please send your CV to the address below marking your letter for the attention of the Personnel Dept.

Kemutec Group Ltd

Springwood Way



SK10 2ND



Job Vacancy - Internal Sales Engineer

Posted on 12. Jun. 2004 - 06:48

Independent Consulting Engineer for Bulk Materials Handling and


Independent Consulting Engineer for Carbonisation and Coal and Coke Handling

June 9, 2004 – Kdz.-Eregli (Turkey) - After more than two decades, the Chief Executive Engineer of the Coal and Coke Handling Department of Eregli Iron and Steel Works, Inc., Privatdozent, Dr.Ing. Hayri Ergun, has settled down for business with his own engineering office in Kdz.-Eregli. He is certified and sworn Engineer and Member of Verein Deutscher Eisenhüttenleute (Germany) and the Chamber of Mining Engineers (Turkey) and is an expert of coal carbonisation and coal and coke handling . Metallurgical and Formed Coke Production with and without conventional coke ovens, also with coals with lower coking properties, and high-capacity coal and coke handling plants and coke ovens are the basis of his know-how in this field. For further information please consult

The following services are offered in particular:

• Consulting, advice, examination and recommendation with regard to dimensioning and designing of Industrial Plant Engineering, Coke Making Technology, Bulk Materials Handling and Processing

• Risk Survey Reports and Judgement and Evaluation of Damage,

• Special Investigation and concluding Facts,

• Representation, and Presentation of know-how,

• Process optimization and drawing conclusions from available results and facts,

• Concepts and expert opinions with regard to newconstruction and reconstructions,

• Arbitrator by order of the contract parties.

• Individual plant and personal optimization for every customer and/or project monitoring,

• Technical evaluation on patents regarding this kind of machinery, equipment and procedure.

• Evaluations and judgements of Process, Plant, Equipment and Technology

Certification and swearing-in guarantees impartiality and independence as well as compliance with the duties of a publicly certified and sworn Engineer . For more details please contact

Dr. H. Ergun


Independent Consulting Engineer

Erdemir Cad., 62/2


Tel.: ++90 372 323 15 67

++90 372 322 76 22

GSM: ++90 532 507 95 93