Career as Mechanical Engineer

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Perhaps the first mechanical engineer of the world was the man who invents wheel and the laws of motion was started to be used for the welfare of the mankind. With the passage of time progress has been made in different branches of mechanical engineering.

*Industrial revolution of seventeenth century gave new dimension and ways. Discoveries of new energy resources impart mechanical engineering a status of modern science. As long as the progress made headway, the need of modern colleges and universities for education and training began to be felt. Today, there exist a close relation and link between education institution and industrial organization.

A mechanical engineer is always in demand in almost every area of industry, form household goods to industrial equipment, from leisure devices to medical inventions. Initially, mechanical engineers are hired as trainee engineers and after a one-year on-the-job training, they are promoted to the post of Assistant Engineer from there they move on to the post of Deputy Engineer and finally become Chief Engineer. As far as the salary is concerned, it depends upon whether these engineers are working in the public or the private sector. In government organisations, initially they are paid around Rs. 20,000 to 25,000, while in private organisations in Pakistan, trainee engineers can get as much as Rs. 35000 to Rs. 40000.

Mechanical engineers have a great scope in countries such as the UK, the USA and Canada, the degree holders from Pakistan universities are required to pass a Professional engineering exam in foreign countries in order to get a job there.



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