Tank Container Size and Type Codes

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Can Anyone help me with the description of the Tank Container Type Codes - according to ISO 6346?

For example a Tank Container has the following marks 22T7 where:

22 means 20' long and 8'-6" high

'T' is for tank container

'7' or '8' relates to minimum pressure

The minimum pressure is what is throwing me...

Why minimum not maximum?

Thank you

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Iso Tank Container- Technical Question

Posted on 5. Aug. 2010 - 05:22

Hi David-

It does tend to get a little confusing; here is my stab at it and anyone is free to inject.

First of all "T" is the new designation and spec for that particular Tank Container. The new T-code type replaces the old designation of the IMO markings. It is simply the same design but any new builds are designated as a T11, or T7, T50, etc....

Back to your question about why the minimum pressure rating. Remember that these are transport tanks. So for example, here in the US the DOT (Department of Transportation under the CFR49) regulates all placard products. So if you were to look inside the CFR49 given that you have a UN#, product name, and packaging group number, it will suggest a minimum working pressure in order for that product to be handled/transported safely and legally in an ISO Tank Container.

Now, you also have what is called a MAWP (Maximum Allowable Working Pressure); that is completely a design parameter. The minimum working pressure relates to the authorized type of ISO tank container needed to transport "X" product.

Hope that helps...and if you have more questions; shoot us an email at info@transliquidtechnologies.com

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Tank Container Size And Type Codes

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Yes I would say it is about operating pressure and not MAWP but...

T11, or T7, T50, etc.... This ‘T’ is the ‘T’ in “UN T75” not the ‘T’ in “22T8 (22T8 comes from the ISO 6346)

49CFR 173.315 suggests a ‘minimum design pressure’ of 100 to 200 psig; but we don’t believe this is applicable to UN T75 containers.

I don’t see anything else about minimum pressure in the CFR.

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Re: Tank Container Size And Type Codes

Posted on 6. Aug. 2010 - 04:59

David- the best thing to do is to submit a MSDS of the product you want to ship if that is the case. T75 or IMO-7 are specifically Cryogenic ISO tanks. Very rare to find used and very expensive for to have them built new.

These tanks can handle, Liquid Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, LNG and Carbon dioxide with the following design codes: DIN EN 13530-2, ADR, RID, IMDG, UN PORTABLE, UIC, TIR, UK.DOT, TPED

With a MAWP of 22 BAR. If you need further assistance, shoot me an email and I can point you to some great manufacturers that may be able to offer more insight into the special T75 design.