Overload Setting for Tripper Conveyors

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How do you set the over load relay for the conveyor which is having tripper? When the discharge is nearer to the receiving, amperes required may be low.

If the discharge is far away from receiving, it may be high.

Will there be any automation possible?

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Re: Overload Setting For Tripper Conveyors

Posted on 26. May. 2009 - 12:21

Standard overloads have a single setting so will need to be set according to the maximum power draw of the drive motor.

If you want to have a more clever solution then you need to monitor the motor absorbed power (POWER not current) and tripper position.

Overload Settings

Posted on 26. May. 2009 - 02:07

Conveyors will trip because of so many safeguards provided in the circuit like belt sway, pull cord, zerp speed monitor etc. Conveyor rarely (if ever) trips due to overload on drive motor.

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