How to Sell Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimers?

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Hey All,

Does the Bucket wheel stacker reclaimer purchased through open tender?

I'm a bucket wheel stacker manufacturer, I hope I could export my products abroad. Could you tell me how to find my potential client abroad? and we also produce various types of stacker/reclaimer for bulk handling, like sidelong scraper reclaimer,sidelong cantilever stacker and so on.

If anybody could supply me a list of mining projects or some main bulk cargo producers that would be thanksful.

Many thanks!


Zhejiang Deying Architectural Machinery Manufacture Co.,LTD

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Selling Bucket Wheel Stacker/Reclaimers

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Hello Flora,

You must ensure that potential customers abroad find your company when they are planning projects incorporating bucket wheel stacker/reclaimers and similar big bulk handling equipment your company offers.

The first step is to prepare a good detailed (paid) listing in the worldwide used eDirectory search engine, see for example:


href="" target="blank"> , so that your company is being found if someone searches for Stacker/Reclaimers.

Then it is also important to post technical reports and case histories in the "News for Industry" section of The Powder/Bulk Portal, describing your machines and their potential applications. Google and other large search engines will index ´, i.e. pick-up keywords of your articles and your company and its equipment will then be found through our Portal.

Without your marketing and advertising efforts the world will not be able to learn about the existence of your company and the products you offer. This costs some money, but it must be spent. The Powder/Bulk Portal is the most highly used and visited bulk materials handling portal in the world, and its advertsing prices are fair and relatively low.

You can hardly expect that someone will send you a list of projects which will incorprate the equipment you are manufacturing. Selling is not that easy!

Please contact me for further details.

Reinhard Wohlbier




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Re: How To Sell Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimers?

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Stockyard machines are ludicrously difficult to sell for a number of reasons. The owner usually appoints a main Contractor for the Works & then becomes obliged to agree with the Contractor, and vice versa. Somewhere along the line a Consultant is appointed to monitor & ensure the Works' quality. But the Consultant is not the QA/QC Authority. Often a particular manufacturer is chosen as a Nominated Supplier by the Owner & the Contractor might not like the choice but is forced to work with the Nominated Supplier. Are you getting the picture?

If you had a novel product you could licence it to the Owner & step aside. This could compromise your reputation since only the Owner would be responsible for the performance of your machinery & he doesn't know enough about manufacturing & its control.

Such heavy hardware is hardly ever likely to be exported. Most of the structural items are manufactured local to the Owner & even a bucket wheel or slewing ring seat can be faced up on horizontal boring machines found in many parts of the world.

But; yes the machines are usually purchased through open tender negotiations. How open is a matter of contention & not to be discussed in polite forums. Your objective is perhaps to first get on the Approved Suppliers list of the major Contractors, leave the Owners (Nominated Suppliers) for a later day. For this you will have to follow the recommendations given by Dr Wohlbier and also approach the Contractors personally with a comprehensive presentation. You have to take advantage of the situation that if you talk to enough people someone around the table will say he likes your product. That is enough to sell because most of the others around the table simply don't know what's being discussed & therefore go along with the single positive voice. In the English speaking world the process was recognised as one of Parkinson's Laws.

Good luck: the boat does need rocking from time to time.

Re: How To Sell Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimers?

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And would you please tell me how could I be found in eDirectory?

Re: How To Sell Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimers?

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And if the projects are often purchased through open tender, how could I find the open tender on internet? Is there any web site designed to post this kind of infomation?

Thanks a lot.!!!!!!!!

Edirectory Search Engine

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you find the eDirectory right in the upper center of The Powder/Bulk Portal, i.e. the website you are visiting right now. See picture below.

Just go to:

href="" target="blank">

or directly to your own listing:

href="" target="blank">

Ask by email for your Login data.

Reinhard Wohlbier


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Stacker And Reclaimer

Posted on 29. Jul. 2009 - 10:48

Dear Mr. Flora

M/s. Zhejiang Deying Architectural Machinery Manufacture Co.,LTD

We need the Stacker and reclaimer for our up coming project.

Please send your details catalogue and installation list for stacker and reclaimer on

Also we need the ship loader and unloader of 1000 TPH capacity.

Best regards,

Rajendra Patel

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Re: How To Sell Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimers?

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It seems useful to my company.