Calculating Belt Flap Energy Losses

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Gentlemen. I was wondering if anyone can advise whether there are equations to quantify the energy losses caused by return run belt flap and the increased loading on the conveyor drive. I am now investigating tripping problems on a 1600mm BW  x 1.2km length conveyor with a steel cord belt and flat return rolls. The flapping problem occurs along the entire return run. Thank you.


Here is a good talk on that…

Posted on 15. Sep. 2023 - 02:09

Here is a good talk on that subject.

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1. I am unaware of a…

Posted on 16. Sep. 2023 - 06:56

1. I am unaware of a reference regarding energy losses due to belt flap etc, and

1a. I propose this energy loss is unlikely to be significant for engineering considerations associated with typical applications.

2. The following resonance calculation reference 3.5 may be of interest as a start: