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Steinert GmbH: Premiere at Ligna

High-efficiency scrap wood recycling

ISS — new process separates scrap wood and stainless steel

Cologne, 19th March 2007. At the Ligna trade fair (Stand F03, outdoors), Steinert GmbH will be exhibiting machines that provide efficient metals separation and sorting for scrap wood. “As a technological leader, we have the know-how required to ensure very thorough separation of different materials. For the chipboard and pellet industry, this is a crucial criterion when it comes to decision-making,” says Dr. Ulrich Kohaupt, Steinert’s head of marketing and sales. For the separation of iron, the company offers magnet drums and overband magnetic separators. The XSS X-ray sorting system even separates stones and wood. And the company’s non-ferrous metals separators have been in use for scrap wood recycling for years. The non-separable stainless steels, however, always posed a problem. At the same time, the new induction sorting system (ISS) yields a higher quality and greater quantity of metal-free scrap wood, and that “can be very attactive for chipboard processing in the wood industry, which is continually struggling to control costs,” says Kohaupt. Two systems were sold to chipboard companies in 2006.

Steinert’s innovative ISS technology is being introduced at Ligna. Thanks to its combination of sensor technology and computer-controlled blow-off valves, ISS achieves output rates of 90 percent and higher. The highest output possible with hand sorting, by contrast, is only about 40 percent. At Ligna, visitors to the Steinert stand can experience how metals separation in general works, in additon to gaining a first-hand understanding of how the ISS process functions. “At our stand, we will be demonstrating the very high efficiency of our products and innovations for potential customers from the lumber industry,” Kohaupt says.

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