Schenck Process at ChinaPlas

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18.05.2009 - 21.05.2009

Hall 5.1 Booth B71

Guangzhou, China

Experts in Plastic Production

Schenck Process equipment – highest performance and highest feeding accuracy.

ProFlex® C

Loss-in-Weight Feeder


Gravimetric/Volumetric Feeders


Bulk Bag Discharge System

ProFlex® C

The compact, stable and flexible feeder generation for compounding and masterbatch tasks

  • Very simple planning due to flexible arrangement of motor and discharge
  • Motor and discharge head position can be exchanged to meet site requirements
  • Specialised use – optimised installation of up to 8 feeders
  • Zero-maintenance operation thanks to robust paddle drive bearings
  • MULTI-POINT weighing system with two DMS load cells – robust weighing system, virtually free of interference with a high natural frequency
  • Feed rates of up to 6000 dm3/h


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plasticproducts (JPG)

referenz_cls_080409_1 (PDF)

referenz_plastic_080409_1 (PDF)

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