Powder Metallurgy Exhibition

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2008 China (Shanghai) International Powder Metallurgy Exhibition & Conference (PM China 2008)

Powder metallurgy (PM) is an advanced technology to form metal parts by heating compacted metal powders to just below their melting points. Compared to the traditional metallurgy technologies, PM has advantages in material utilization, shape complexity, near-net-shape dimensional control, lower costs and greater versatility. It is widely used in automobile, motocycle, appliance, precision machinery and so on.

China, as the most developping country in the wolrd, also shows the great life force in the PM industry. According to the incomplete statistics, there has been over 6,000 compaines devoted in the manufacturing of PM products in China to grasp the much valuable opportunity. With the large market background, it took the organizer three year’s market survey and evaluation to meet the requests of numbers of the manufacturring companies and purchasing companies in PM products.

So here comes the 2008 China (Shanghai) International Powder Metallurgy Exhibition & Conference (PM China 2008). This event aims to show the lastest PM products and technologies inside and outside China. Providing a good platform for the PM manufacturers, distributors and agents to sell the goods and share with the advanced technologies. We believe that this event will be the most professional and largest scaled PM show all over China.

We sincerely welcome you and your company to come to China and participate in this leading PM event.

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Pm China 2008

Posted on 16. May. 2008 - 10:24

2008 China (Shanghai) International

Powder Metallurgy Exhibition & Congress (PM CHINA 2008)

Date: October 25-26, 2008

Venue: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center

The 12th PM Congress of Five-province & One-City of East China will be held concurrently with PM China 2008


About PM CHINA 2008:

Sponsored by the most important PM Societies and institutes in China, PM China 2008 will be held on Oct.25-26, 2008 in Shanghai. Exhibit space will be 5,000 sqm and over 150 exhibitors will take part in the show. This event aims to promote the technology exchange and cooperation between enterprises of the same industry in China and overseas, extend the trade and promote the development of the industry to meet the demand of PM parts and equipments for manufactruring in China.

About the Congress:

The PM Congress of East-China is held twice a year, and will take place on October 25-26, 2008 by Shanghai host for its 12th session. It includes the major PM societies and member companies from five province and one city in East China (Anhui, Fujian, Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang province and Shanghai). The six district in East China represent the most important and advanced PM industry throughout China. 90% PM companies located in these areas. And this congress is one of the most authoritative PM academic conferences in China of which the level is highest, and attend companies are most. Major speakers will include the most authoritative experts in China.

Exhibit of Display:

PM Equipment

PM Testing/Measurement Instruments and Gas

PM Products

PM Raw materials and auxiliary materials

Visitors will come from:

Automobile, Motorcycle, Appliance, Mechanism, Avigation, National Defence, Tools, Mouldings and so on.

Welcome to join in PM CHINA 2008 in Shanghai!

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Pm China 2008

Posted on 27. May. 2008 - 09:24

2008 China (Shanghai) International Powder Metallurgy & Advanced Ceramics Exhibition & Conference

October 25--26, 2008

Shanghai, P.R. China


Exhibit of Display

PM Products / PM Equipments / PM Raw Materials & Auxiliary Materials / PM Testing Instruments and Gas

Visitors from all important industries related to PM industry

Powder metallurgy (PM), as an advanced technology, has advantages in material utilization, shape complexity, near-net-shape dimensional control, lower costs and greater versatility. It is widely used in automobile, motocycle, appliance, precision machinery and so on.

Hosted by the most important associations in China related to PM industry:

PM Society of Five Provinces & one City in East China

Shanghai Powder Metallurgy Federation

and so on....

Huge PM market potential in China with impressing growth rate

In China, one of the most promising market in the world, PM industry is developing rapidly. According to statistics, from the year 2000 to 2007, Chinese domestic demand for PM parts has increased from 68,000 tons to 94,100 tons. During China’s “ 11th five-year Plan” for the economic development (2005-2010), the demand for PM parts in the area of automobile, motorcycle, appliances, electric tools … will increased by 60%, 45%, 15% and 33% respectively. Besides these areas, there are also many other industries that get to use the PM products, such as envrionmental-protection, PC, Telecommunication, Hydraulic press,etc.. Market demands has been growing much more vigorously than anytime ever. Most of the PM companies in China are now intensely desiring for the world latest PM technologies to raise the quality level and lower the cost of production.

Shanghai is your best choice

• Shanghai, China’s leading business city at the heart of the country’s PM industry.

• Shanghai, the trade center of China with more than 60% international events held here.

• Shanghai, link to all the major international market by convenient transportation means.

Take a look at the events held concurrently with PM CHINA 2008:

• 2008 International Advanced Ceramics Exhibition & Conference

• 12th Congress of East China

To make a intergration of the industry chain, looking forward to meeting with you at PM CHINA 2008 this October!

For more details, please contact with Grace Yuan of the organizer office:

E-mail: grace.yuan@sh-wes.com