Malvern at IFPAC 2008

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Malvern speaker at IFPAC examines role of chemical imaging in QbD

3 Jan 08: Malvern, UK: In the first of two Malvern presentations at IFPAC 2008 (Jan 27-30, 2008; Baltimore MD) Dr. E. Neil Lewis, Chief Technology Officer for Malvern Instruments, will talk about ‘Physical and chemical characterization as a strategy for Quality by Design’. This talk is part of one of the opening sessions entitled QbD - Pharmaceutical Design Space. It will be followed the next day by ‘Characterizing near infrared chemical imaging of pharmaceuticals: statistical sampling, depth of penetration, and more’ in the session Chemical Imaging: Data Analysis and Emerging Techniques. This second presentation will be made by Dr. Linda Kidder, Product Manager for Near Infrared Chemical Imaging.

Malvern Instruments’ near infrared chemical imaging (NIR-CI) systems are designed to provide product continuity from R&D to QA/QC environments. NIR-CI is the most practical implementation of chemical imaging - large format arrays, solid state spectral filters and the ability to image samples over a wide range of magnifications are key distinguishing factors that differentiate it from other chemical imaging modalities.

Malvern’s award winning SyNIRgi™ system, launched earlier this year, builds on the highly successful Sapphire/NIRCI-2450 platform from Spectral Dimensions, the company that was acquired in 2006 by Malvern Instruments. This next generation NIR-CI system adds significant additional capability in terms of data acquisition speed and new sampling options, setting a new performance standard. It also accommodates an even larger imaging area and offers improved automation capabilities.

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