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Powder World 2008

2008 China International Powder Technology & Equipment Exhibition

Date: April 3-4,2008

Venue: Beijing Exhibition Center

Exhibitors and Visitors, please visit:


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With the market globalization and the regional industrial structure adjustment, the processing and high-tech industry have been developing rapidly in China. The demands of the powdery materials, powder/bulk technology and equipments have reached a prosperous period; the super-fine powder and its application also step into rapid development phase. Powdery industrial materials became the important basis of new materials, including: building materials, papermaking, plastic, paint, energy, pharmaceutical industry, metallurgy, food, textile, agriculture, environment protection, etc. The cost and quality of the industrial powdery raw materials make direct effect on the benefits and marketing competence of the relative industries.

The escalation of the Chinese industrial structure needs to import massive advanced processing equipments and finely processed powdery materials, so the manufacturers both for equipments and powder products from developed countries are interested in the huge profits of Chinese high-end market. On the other hand, the improved Quality and low cost of Chinese machinery industry makes traditional powder equipments made in China to be more competitive in the world, so developing countries, even some developed countries are actively purchases or OEM the Chinese inexpensive equipments.

The improvement of technology and quality contral, as well as the adjustment of Chinese policy for export tax reimbursement, makes the export gradually changed from the raw mineral resource to the deep and finely processed industry materials. The foreign merchants are interested in the Chinese industrial powdery raw materials. The development of Chinese high-tech industry also promotes the demands for the powdery industrial materials with high grade from developed countries..

To prompt the development of industry, expand markets and strengthen international communication and cooperation, China Building Material Federation, China Powder Technology Association and CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council jointly host “2008 China International Powder Technology & Equipment Exhibition”, “2008 China International Industrial Powder Raw Material Exhibition”, as well as “2008 China International Powder Technology & Application Forum”.

Considering the characteristics of Beijing being concentrated of national superintend ministries, project-design institutions, talents of universities and institutions, and the international commercial organizations, we will host relative activities, including: technical trade, introduction of project, recommendation of talents, discussion of technology, market analyses of correlative industries, etc. The exhibition will become the most comprehensive events to do business, to show your products, to transfer technology, to meet the people you want, to learn what is going on in China in the circle of powder technology and relative industries.

Professor Dr. Gai Guosheng from the University of Tsinghua is the general organizer of the international exhibition and forum. For more details, please visit:



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Powder Technology Beijing

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For more details on above event and on the

International Forum on Powder Technology & Application

(Beijing, 1 to 2, April, 2008)

please open this PDF:


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