Dust Suppression on Pay Loaders & Dumpers

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Dust Control & Suppression on Pay Loaders and Dumpers

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Dust is generated on the use of Pay Loaders & Dumpers during "loading & unloading and handling" of materials like Gypsum / clinker /Lime stone / iron ore from one location to another location.It is ofcourse common issue and enviromental problem in all the Cement Plants and it is not new. Covered storage do have, even you need to handle some times at the outside storage areas.

We would like to know any methods / arrangements have been made to the Pay Loader or Dumper with water spray to suppress the dust while is being handled.

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Dust Suppression Systems On Pay Loader & Dumper Truck

Posted on 5. Jun. 2013 - 01:11

Dear Group Members

We are looking for dust suppression methods / systems on Pay Loader and Dumper Trucks (Cater Pillar) while they are used for handling of Clinker , Gypsum, Limestone and Iron Ore. Even though the storage cover is available, we need to store out side too, and while loading and unloading lot of fugitve dust is generated. Any water spray system can we install such as water tank of 200 lts drum, water pump with nozzle spray on the equipments it self. Anywhere this has been done, would like to know suggestions / adivse from the group.

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