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The quarrying and related industries remain a key market sector for ROTEX EUROPE, which offers a complete range of electromagnetic vibrating feeders and Direct Drive products for handling a wide range of applications including gravel, stone, limestone, coal, sand and aggregates. Amongst its long-standing customers, ROTEX EUROPE counts many key quarrying companies and supplies equipment to suit tonnage rates from 30 to over 1000 tph.

Since it was acquired by ROTEX Inc. in 2001, ROTEX EUROPE has continued to supply the internationally recognised ‘Locker’ feeders and conveyors, under the ROTEX banner, retaining its core customer base and gaining new interest from alternative markets.

ROTEX SFH electromagnetic vibrating feeders enable the accurate control of bulk materials from storage hoppers. The rugged and robust design of SFH feeders throughout the range makes them ideal for continuous heavy duty applications up to 1100 TPH. The electro-magnetically operated vibrator power unit guarantees a performance which remains unaffected by heavy loads.

The Direct Drive range of products includes feeders and conveyors ideal for heavy duty quarry applications. Across the World, a significant number of quarries and related companies operate SFH electromagnetic feeders and Direct Drive feeders and conveyors.

The key to ROTEX Europe’s success in these very demanding industries is to be able to respond to most specific applications by offering tailor-made feeders and conveyors featuring detachable discharge ends, hopper interface units, enclosed covers, suspended or foot mountings, traditional or special liners. Amongst its more recent successes, ROTEX has recently undertaken a specific business relationship with one minerals company to develop a series of machines which form part of a specialised mineral processing system.

To complete its product offering to the mining and quarrying industries, ROTEX EUROPE also supplies a complete range of screening equipment, such as the internationally-known Rotex screener, the Megatex screener, the Direct Drive screen and the newly designed Minerals screener. ROTEX EUROPE recently supplied one of northern Europe’s leading producers of industrial sand with five Rotex Screeners for screening sand.

Very often, ROTEX EUROPE provides complete solutions including the supply of feeders, screeners and conveyors to suit specific customer requirements.

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